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— When an iconic Swiss-French brand puts on its sportswear

Design that transforms and transcends

Hymn is a design studio specialised in branding and the transformation of brands. We are based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and we use our extensive experience to create deep and powerful transformations of company identities and customer experiences. Changes at the heart of any organization create a ripple effect across the entire brand and everything it represents. We accompany brands in defining their fledgling projects, along with all related evolutions, whether internal (repositioning, directional changes, etc.) or external (mergers, expanding service offerings, business restructuring, etc.). Design and creative reflection can transform and transcend existing brands so that they maintain and reinforce their relevance as we shift into the future.


Irina Egger - Timothée Brossard - Loïc Gaudiello - Shadya Bruttin - Anthony Velen - Alexandre Henriques - Catherine Pouly.

Experts in immersion and collaboration

Our team of designers are passionate visionaries. Our varied and complementary skill sets cover services that range from creating graphic design ecosystems and visual identities, to motion design, signage and environmental design. In order to extract the true essence of a brand, we go above and beyond the traditional third-party mandate. Depending on the project's needs, we can additionally tap into our vast established network of specialists in Switzerland and beyond. This enables us to fluidly master the image and experiences of any brand or company in a unified way across every point of contact.

Hymn, the ultimate creative partner for brands and companies

Hymn's holistic methodology begins by extracting the essence of a brand in collaboration with our clients. Our process takes internal realities into account while also considering the present state of our world and potential future outcomes. Our objective is to define and cultivate the uniqueness of a brand or project and express that uniqueness across every single point of contact (website, print materials, architecture, etc.) in an inspiring way through a precise, radical and consistent aesthetic. The ultimate goal is always to transform the brand experience, with a focus on the long-term impact.


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