Seb Michel
– From the photographer
to the creative brand


Seb Michel is a Swiss photographer specialized in fashion, beauty, high-end watches and jewellery, luxury, and advertising. His branch office was founded in 2008 to ensure the high-quality work required to meet his commercial clients’ highest expectations and varied needs.


After 20 years of working with all kinds of clients and agencies, Seb Michel was looking to reposition his portfolio and brand image to better align with his evolving career aspirations. He called on Hymn to help guide him in the process.

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We focused on the most artistic and intimate aspect of his work to establish his brand’s personality. Our approach led to rethinking how his services are presented and packaged, in addition to an overhaul of his visual and verbal identity. Taking inspiration from the fashion world, the “Seb Michel” name became its own brand of original creations and special collections.

We eliminated “photography” from the nomenclature of the brand to highlight his broad creative focus. Minimalist, contemporary branding was developed to compliment the new approach, with the logo typeface subtly mimicking a camera lens and the movements made by fashion models on the runway. The graphic design unfolds across multiple supports and channels in various forms, maintaining a clean black and white design throughout. The refreshed logo and brand identity are ever-changing and evolving, while remaining consistently elegant and timeless. 



  • Built strong brand positioning that's firmly rooted in the world of fashion
  • Developed a unique communication style to clearly differentiate from competitors
  • Transformed the client's core career path (from photographer to creator)

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