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After trusting Hymn with the development of a strong and unique brand identity, RTS then gave us carte blanche to extend the result and develop a TV show designed to highlight emerging Swiss musicians. Each month, one artist would be given 40 seconds to present themselves and their music – with variations of the clip being cross promoted and shared across small screens, the radio and online.

Brand Identity
Design System 
Motion Design

23bis (film direction & production)
newglyph (font)



While RTS suggested the original idea, the entire concept still needed to be flushed out. And by concept we mean the name, the number of episodes, the staging, the setup, the structure of the clips, the filming location, the cadence, etcetera. The show’s visual identity was also (naturally) part of the deal. From pixels to teleprompters, every component had to be planned out – and form a coherent whole.



The show has been baptized Radar. A short and concise palindrome, which is phonetically identical in all of Switzerland’s national languages. But above all, the name beautifully embodies the idea of seeking out and locating Switzerland’s hidden gems.
Like the name implies, the concept is clean and the staging is simple, allowing the artist to shine in a heavily darkened studio. Only a single, coloured screen lights the room, cutting the darkness. Every artist has their own dedicated colour, which is associated with their unique offering and acts as their trademark. The monochrome surfaces are swept by the movement of a radar, displaying the artist’s name in the typeface we created for RTS, RTS Neue, in condensed, extra bold format – a final, unique touch that ties everything together.
The musicians present themselves and perform, offering a small peek into their world. Highly contemporary and young, this spin-off concept integrates seamlessly with the new RTS identity, as if it had always been a part of our televised experience. The consistency and simplicity of the show were intentionally designed to put the artist fully in the limelight.


  • Define a new, modern musical concept for RTS
  • Adapt all visual codes to match and reinforce the new RTS identity
  • Rejuvenate the brand’s image and create a show exclusively for youth
  • Position RTS as a patron of next generation Swiss artists
  • Demonstrate how the RTS brand could be further developed

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