– Transforming a parking structure into an advocate for urban wellness and mobility


Parking Riponne SA is best known as a company that manages three of the oldest and largest parking structures in the city of Lausanne. In order to stay ahead of local residents’ needs, and large scale changes taking place in transportation, the company contacted Hymn to revisit Riponne Express, their dedicated delivery service.


We quickly realised that addressing only one of their service offerings would diminish the lasting impact of any changes they sought to make. So together with the company, we took a deep dive into their world to examine what a long term, sustainable future would look like for Parking Riponne SA. Our approach was to transform a company known for managing parking structures into an advocate for urban wellness and mobility.

Forward Thinking 
Brand Identity 
Bespoke Typeface
Printed Collaterals
Web Design
Signage Design 
Environmental Design
Motion Design
Staff Clothing
Sound Design




Hymn’s strategy led to the creation of an entirely new brand: INOVIL, which takes an innovative approach to parking structures across the city. New service offerings were developed and were given a dynamic and colourful visual identity. The brand’s graphic design was based on a custom-designed typeface, which plays off of traditional guidelines for urban mobility. This new identity was applied to all company communications, from the employees’ uniforms to the company’s website, which was entirely redesigned.
People were central to our approach, a pivot that completely transformed the way one experiences the company’s environmental design and signage. Pedestrians came first, then pathways for the vehicles were designed to accompany their drivers. Each level of the parking structure was given a fresh breath of life with the extensive application of soft, comforting colours like dusty rose and pistachio green. Directional signage on the walls and floors accompany pedestrians as they travel through the structure. Light-hearted, humorous sayings, designed to delight drivers, pop up unexpectedly along the user experience, leaving people with a smile. The space’s architecture was also revisited, leading to updated facades featuring wood and live plants, brightly decorated ceilings, and a cosy-yet-modern reception lounge.
We also spearheaded the new brand’s launch campaign, which included producing videos and other content for use in advertising outdoors, on the radio, and on social media. This included the development of merchandising and other supporting materials to encourage dialogue with the people of Lausanne and other users of the structure.



  • Helped the brand evolve to meet changing city paradigms
  • Unified brand identity for three different parking structures
  • Developed new service offerings (to complement parking)
  • Transformed and improved the client experience
  • Improved parking structure safety
  • Obtained new operating licenses
  • Ensured readiness for the challenges of the future
  • Strengthened relations with the city's political authorities

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