– From promotional gifts to media agency


2021 represented a major turning point for the Lausanne-based GiftFactory and USBFactory, two companies who merged under a new brand to service their clients' promotional gift needs. This new company was created to stand out in a crowded and competitive market where many brands offer similar promotional product lines. Hymn was brought onboard to create an identity that represented both organizations under their new moniker, positioning the company as a premium provider with a focus on their unique Swiss-designed products.


Formerly a simple supplier of promotional products, the new company is a full-blown media agency with an evocative name: GiftMedia. The new company now offers product design in addition to all the services that go along with it. We wanted to create a company identity that expressed GiftMedia's high-end positioning while maintaining a sense of playfulness that's innate in all promotional products. The company's products span a wide range, covering everything from highly technical tools to plants, so the products themselves needed to be implied in our work but not directly pictured. Lastly, we sought to ensure that GiftMedia's brand identity boldly embodied the company's creative approach and highlighted the concept of their Swiss designs.


Brand Identity 
Printed Collaterals 
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The focal point of the new GiftMedia logo is the letter "G," which infuses the new identity with a strong personality. Its design is inspired by a circle and the concept of perpetual movement, embodying the steadfast character of a timeless brand. The logo is designed to be elegantly and exclusively monochrome.

To visually express the concept of their products without directly showing them, we created a series of 3D animations that feature GiftMedia's "G." The animations evoke that same concept of constant movement while also being reminiscent of physical, voluminous objects in space. By using GiftMedia's "G" as the source material for these animations, they also come to embody a promotional product's ultimate raison d'être: powerful branding.

Use of the 3D animations also extends beyond the concept of video. The brand's physical, printed materials also feature a 3D component in their colored, embossed backgrounds, which ensures all communications materials are aligned with the new brand's identity. Close-up effects add a discreet and implicit brand presence, and everything comes to life in a soft blue grey, chosen for the elegance and premium feel it evokes.

We also developed a graphic chart for the brand's strong character, which allowed us to adapt GiftMedia's new identity and graphic universe across all of their printed materials, notably including stationary, and their digital touchpoints like their website.



  • Transform a company of promotional items into a media agency
  • Enhance the company's products and know-how
  • Merge two entities into a single strong brand
  • Develop a contemporary digital visual universe
  • Upgrade the brand to a higher range

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