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First Class Limousine Services offers exclusive and personalized chauffeured limousine services in the Lake Geneva region. Founded by Sia Abouzari in 2004, First Class Limousine Services has undergone impressive growth over the past few years and decided to reevaluate their brand image and service offering. We worked with the company to develop updated branding that would reflect the high standards of their corporate and luxury hotel clients, while also attracting a new, younger target audience.


We chose to simplify the company’s verbal identity by focusing on the “First.” This single word highlights the uniqueness of the company, while also creating opportunities for ample and powerful word associations, such as “First Guest,” “First Choice,” “Security First,” and “Service First.” Our word association exercise also led to a simple yet pertitant new company motto: “You First.”

Forward Thinking 
Brand Identity
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Art Direction
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The company’s visual identity was redesigned with a new color palette composed of black, matte gold and shades of beige that evoke sensations of confidential luxury. Swiss International was chosen as the typeface in reference to Switzerland’s timelessness and thoroughness. The new company logo combines a star (the symbol of exclusivity), the number “1” (for “First”), and an arrow (for movement) into a graphic element that is complimented by a faceted texture. This new icon is elegantly applied to all corporate materials, including business cards, the website and staff uniforms, ultimately positioning First as both accessible and internationally exclusive.



  • Aligned the brand's image with the high expectations set by their esteemed, international, Business class clientele
  • Saved market share from Uber Black
  • Democratized chauffeured limousine transport
  • Attracted new customers
  • Developed new service offerings
  • Inspired internal teams and fostered support for a singular mission

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