Hymn est une agence de branding (création et accompagnement de marque) et de design (graphisme, identité visuelle, signalétique, édition, site internet) basée à Lausanne en Suisse.

Hymn is a branding and design (graphic design, visual identity, signage, edition, website) agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.




Times change and the means of payment are evolving. Mobility, security and simplicity are at the centre of the new mobile payment systems. With SwissPay.ch, no need to own a credit card or even a PayPal account to pay online. Simply a smart phone! A revolutionary payment method which can be easily extended to retail businesses by offering an alternative that does not require special hardware: card reader, modem, secure line, etc.

The creative work began with the development of a simple and clear symbol that can be recognizable even on a small phone screen. A visual mark representing a safe mobile transaction. The proposed solution is a symbol that consists of two arrows that intersect, illustrating the secure payment transaction, with the shape of a smart phone at the centre.

The desire was to find an innovative youthful, electric colour, that is eye-catching and differentiating. This perfectly answers this specification requirement, «mint blue» was chosen, thanks to its remarkable intensity on the displays. 

Everything had to reflect its security and Swissness. The selection of a similar typography to Helvetica, but more contemporary Swiss International seemed obvious, to reflect this sleek identity, rich in meaning.