STICS Family

Hymn est une agence de branding (création et accompagnement de marque) et de design (graphisme, identité visuelle, signalétique, édition, site internet) basée à Lausanne en Suisse.

Hymn is a branding and design (graphic design, visual identity, signage, edition, website) agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


STICS Family


The STICS family is a constellation of companies that offers a full suite of services for modern businesses today. Led by a diverse team of industry professionals, the STICS network encourages innovation and the sharing of knowledge in the face of ever-shifting entrepreneurial paradigms.

Our challenge was to visually communicate the family’s strong sense of community and shared values, while also highlighting the uniqueness of each individual brand. We created an overall visual identity inspired by the circle and complimented by a custom font, designed in collaboration with Swiss Typefaces. We also undertook a detailed examination of each company’s identity in the group, in order to develop a unique visual code for each one.