Nunshen - Cold Brew

Hymn est une agence de branding (création et accompagnement de marque) et de design (graphisme, identité visuelle, signalétique, édition, site internet) basée à Lausanne en Suisse.

Hymn is a branding and design (graphic design, visual identity, signage, edition, website) agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Nunshen Cold Brew. Iced teas for a blazing sun.

As part of Nunshen’s evolution, the company launched a new line of “Cold Brew” teas in August 2018. These high-quality teas are designed to be enjoyed cold, and the launch presented a unique opportunity to revisit the company’s existing visual design and packaging.

The result was a contemporary, urban-styled set of new graphic guidelines, inspired by a mix of traditional Japanese minimalism and the rudimentary packaging of the original raw materials. This included a custom multi-style typeface, a refreshed color palette, and a new set of minimalist pictograms, all brought to life on a strictly-formatted grid and printed on an immaculate white background. A series of patterns, developed from handwritten scripts that represent each of the 7 distinctive teas in the collection, honors the harvest that is carried out by hand, an essential element of any Nunshen tea.