La Ligne Bleue

Hymn est une agence de branding (création et accompagnement de marque) et de design (graphisme, identité visuelle, signalétique, édition, site internet) basée à Lausanne en Suisse.

Hymn is a branding and design (graphic design, visual identity, signage, edition, website) agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


La Ligne Bleue


As part of the development of Quartier du Flon (a new brand created in 2014) and the mission to dynamicize its cultural offering, we created “The Blue Line” (La Ligne Bleue) experience. The Blue Line is a pathway that leads through galleries and artist studios before ending in the neighborhood’s main esplanade, where popular concerts take place in the evening. Although temporary in nature, The Blue Line leaves a real, physical trace and acts as land art that guides passengers through an electrifying journey.

Its lively yet simple verbal and visual identity aligns with the branding already in place for Quartier du Flon. The Blue Line leaves its mark on the various communication materials created for the occasion, including posters, leaflets, signage and uniforms for event hosts and hostesses.